Common Dreams


Often associated with feelings of insecurity, loss of control, or feeling overwhelmed.

Teeth falling out

May symbolize worries about appearance and how others perceive you, or it could relate to communication issues.


Can symbolize a sense of freedom or ambition. If flying is difficult or scary in the dream, it could reflect challenges in waking life.

Meeting a celebrity

Can indicate a desire for recognition and validation, or it could reflect the qualities that you associate with that celebrity.

Finding an unused room

May represent undiscovered talents or potential. This dream could be prompting you to try new things.


Animals in dreams can symbolize our natural instincts. The specific meaning may depend on the type of animal and your interactions with it in the dream.


Water in dreams is often associated with emotions and how you deal with them. The condition of the water (calm, stormy, etc.) can give further insight.

Being chased

This dream could indicate a desire to escape from your own fears or desires. The identity of the chaser is also significant.

Exam or test

Symbolizes self-evaluation, with the specific exam or test subject reflecting the area in which you feel tested in life.

Driving an out-of-control vehicle

May suggest that you do not have enough control over your road to destiny. Could signify lack of control in your waking life.